Sports Associations and Federations

Last updated: 14/09/2023

Sports Associations

Associations are the basis for organising sports activities.  They raise awareness of their sport to a wide audience and make it possible to develop sporting skills.  Most have facilities that enable them to include young children, sometimes as young as four years of age.  Associations promote both leisure and competitive sport. 

There are currently around 70 sports associations in the Principality and three company sports associations.  

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Sports Federations 

The aim of sports federations is to promote the organisation and development of sports activities.  To this end, they bring together sports associations and sportspeople from one or more related sports disciplines.

From a more general point of view, federations help to promote education through physical and sporting activities.  They are also responsible for encouraging the organisation and development of activities that relate to their aims, and contribute to sports ethics.  They have an essential role to play in organising sports events and representing the Principality at an international level.  As such, they enable Monegasque athletes to take part in international competitions. 

There are currently thirty-eight federations, sixteen of which are members of the Monegasque Olympic Committee.

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Associations and federations are regulated by the Act no. 1.355 of 23 December 2008 and the Ministerial Decree no. 2009-40 of 22 January 2009

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