Administrative services are closed

29May 2023
00:00 23:59

The administrative services of the Public Service are closed on Monday 29 May2023, Whit Monday, except for those that are legally obliged to remain open to the public.


Other events

Exhibition – The Prince at Home, Rainier III in pictures, 1923-2005

20 August 2023

The Palace Archives and the Audiovisual Institute present, as part of the tour of the Grand Apartments, one hundred images, both stills and films, which are representative of the personality and work of the sovereign, taken at the palace and in his other residences. Also on display are related rare documents and objects.


03June 2023

A Festival of Humour, organised in aid of the charity Les enfants de Frankie.

Street Art Festival - UPAINT

07 June 2023

Promenade du Larvotto