The Palace Guards

The unit includes 124 soldiers and is composed of 3 officers, 24 non-commissioned officers and 97 brigadiers and ordinary soldiers.

Created on 8 December 1817 by the Prince of Valentinois, Honoré Grimaldi, Prince, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Administrator of the Principality on behalf of his father, Prince Honoré IV.

Since then, the Palace Guards have never ceased to exist.

In 1904, Prince Albert I, satisfied by the policing and guard duties carried out by the "carabiniers", entrusted the guard of the Palace and His Family to them. The Ordinance specified that "the service provided by the Company of the Guard shall now be taken over by the “Company of Carabiniers" which took the name of: ”The Palace Guards”.

  • To guard the Palace, with a changing of the guard ceremony each day at 11.55 am
  • To ensure the security of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince and the Princely Family, all of His properties and residences and their immediate vicinity
  • To provide a guard of honour (official ceremonies, civil and religious ceremonies, ceremonial parades), to ensure that laws are enforced and participate in maintaining public order and carry out all duties ordered by the Prince

The Palace Guards have had a band since 1978, composed of 24 musicians. The band is called: Fanfare of the Palace Guards. Since 1 January 2014, the band has become the "Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince".

It generally performs various public service obligations.

One of the tasks incumbent upon the Palace Guards is their contribution to the Monegasque Red Cross. They are all qualified in first aid, and run the Red Cross ambulance brigade. In this regard, they participate in providing security for key sporting or artistic events taking place in the Principality.
The Palace Guards participate in implementing emergency plans: Plan Red or ORMOSE (Monegasque emergency plans) to deal with serious incidents that might cause extensive damage to persons and property.
During term time, it deals with the transport of young schoolchildren to assist the Princess Charlene Home for Children.

The Palace Guards have a team of qualified divers who participate in:

  • Security measures at key sporting events in Monegasque waters
  • Underwater scientific observations for various studies carried out in the Mediterranean

Deeply attached to the Princely Family, the Palace Guards are proud of their motto: "Honour, loyalty, devotion".

The Palace Guards have inherited a long tradition and have their own Museum: The Museum of the Princes of Monaco and Their Guards.

The Carabiniers celebrate the day of their Patron Saint on 20 January, Saint Sebastian's Day.
The Palace Guards has celebrated their bicentenary in 2017.


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