Bullying in schools

Last updated: 19/02/2024

If a pupil is repeatedly subjected to verbal and/or mental abuse (name-calling, insults, teasing, bullying, exclusion from the group, etc.), physical violence (pushing, shoving, and hitting) or theft, they may be a victim of bullying. When these same incidents take place on social media or by text message, they are referred to as cyberbullying. The consequences can be serious (poor academic results, loss of self-esteem, dropping out of school, extreme unhappiness).

What should you do if your child is being bullied or you become aware of bullying?

Contact the person in charge of preventing and combating bullying and violence at your child's school or your child's headteacher immediately.

To report bullying or violence at school, you can also call, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this line:

You can find the contact details of the people in charge of preventing and combating bullying and violence at each school, using the links below.

You can also contact the designated person responsible for preventing and combating bullying and violence in schools directly at the Department of Education, Youth and Sport: denjsviolence@gouv.mc.

The school or the Department of Education, Youth and Sport will acknowledge receipt of this report within seven calendar days at the latest.

How is bullying reported?

Initially, the victimised pupil is given the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

The school will then interview the alleged culprits and witnesses to establish clear facts and get a balanced view of the situation.

This phase is generally followed, whenever possible, by a discussion between the parties concerned to help everyone gain a better understanding of the situation and resolve it over the long term.

When necessary, disciplinary action is taken in the interests of both the victim and the offending pupil, so that they can understand the seriousness of the offence and learn to behave responsibly and respectfully.

We work closely with the families, who are kept informed and involved in resolving the situation

What does the law say about bullying in schools?

The Principality of Monaco has a specific law in place to combat bullying and violence in school (Act no. 1.513 of 3 December 2021).

This law upholds students' rights to a safe school environment.

Awareness-raising sessions for pupils and training for all staff to prevent and deal with bullying and violence are also available.

The law stipulates that each school must have a bullying/violence officer, appointed by the headteacher, as the first point of contact for students who are victims or witnesses of violence, they advise the headteacher on the measures to be taken to resolve the situation, and ensure that measures to support and monitor victims, perpetrators and witnesses of violence are implemented.

Each school has developed a plan to prevent and combat bullying and violence within the school, which can be accessed below or on request from the school administration staff during office hours.

Administrative contact