Collective agreements

Last updated: 25/02/2023

(Amended by the Act no. 868 of 11 July 1969)

National collective employment agreement dated 5 November 1945 and associated amendments, concluded between the Employers' Federation and the Trade Union Federation 

Amendment No. 1 - Statutory holidays 
Amendment No. 2 - Overtime 
Amendment No. 3 - Annual leave for young workers 
Amendment No. 4 - Additional leave for female employees 
Amendment No. 5 - Pay slips 

Amendment No. 6 - Statutory public holidays

Amendments No. 7 and 7a - Extension of National collective employment agreement dated 5 November 1945 and the agreement dated 24 January 1964 introducing a supplementary employee pension scheme
Amendment 7b, dated 24 November 1992, to the National collective employment agreement

Amendment No. 8 – Social fund

Amendment No. 9 - Unpaid leave for worker education
Amendment No. 10 - Unpaid leave of absence for mothers wishing to raise their children
Amendments No. 11, 11a and 11b - Short-term unemployment benefit

Amendment No. 12 - Job security 
Amendment No. 14 - Suspension of employment contracts for mothers who need to care for a sick child (not extended)
Amendments No. 15 and 15a - Wage guarantee scheme
Amendment No. 18 on monthly payment (repealing Amendment No. 16) 
Amendment No. 17 - Granting a period of leave on the first day of the new school year for employees whose children are enrolled in the equivalent of Year 2 or lower
Amendment No. 18 - Trade union rights

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