Integrating graduates into companies: The role of the Committee for Graduate Employment

Last updated: 28/03/2024

Inform, support and listen to the youth as they develop their career plans.

The Committee for Graduate Employment was established in February 2010 (See the Ministerial Decree n° 2010-77), under the Presidency of the Minister of State.

The Committee’s executive team operates under the authority of the Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

The aim of the Committee is to facilitate the integration into Monaco’s economy of Monegasque graduates or graduates who have links to the Principality.

Since 2010, the Committee for Graduate Employment has already helped 509 graduates (as at 31/12/2023), including 284 of Monegasque nationality, into jobs with companies in Monaco which are partnering with the Committee in this initiative or by the Civil Service.


  • To develop links between students and graduates of higher education and the Principality’s business community 
  • To help young graduates to enter into employment in Monaco’s private sector 
  • To help expatriate graduates to return to the Principality

Registration conditions

  • Must be resident in the Principality (or intend to return)
  • Must have studied to a level of bac + 1 or higher

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