BAFA (Youth Activity Leaders' Certificate)

Last updated: 07/03/2023

Principle and conditions

The Youth Activity Leaders' Certificate is a certificate that enables the holder to lead activities for groups of children and adolescents on a non-professional, occasional basis at youth centres (such as leisure centres).

Every year, the Department of Education, Youth and Sport organises a general BAFA (Youth Activity Leaders' Certificate) training session, in partnership with the "Institut de Formation, d'Animation et de Conseil" (IFAC) in Nice. 

How the BAFA training works

  • A general, eight-day residential training session - Price:  545 €
  • A practical, 14-day course in a Holiday Centre or Leisure Centre led by the French Regional Department of Youth and Sport
  • A six-day in-depth course - Price : 280 €
  • Information about general training can be found in the following factsheet:
    (French only)

Registration for the general training

You must be 17 or over on the first day of the general training session which will take place during Spring half-term holidays at the "Centre Méditerranéen" in Cap d'Ail. See the file (French only)

You can register directly online on the website:
You can also download the registration form, 

(French only), and send it to the IFAC.

To enrol, you must enter the following COURSE CODE:


For information or for connection problems, please contact the French management service of the Departmental Services for Youth, Civic Engagement and Sport (Services Départementaux à la Jeunesse à l'Engagement et aux Sports).
See the contact details for the DDCS Alpes Maritimes

This service is responsible for dealing with your administrative registration, monitoring your training course and issuing the BAFA (Youth Activity Leader's Certificate).

For applications to take part in a general BAFA training session, you must send the Department of Education, Youth and Sport a letter of motivation.

Further training session

You must have passed the first two parts of the BAFA training (General Training and Practical Course).

For applications to take part in a further BAFA training session, you must send the Department of Education, Youth and Sport a letter of motivation.

The course is held in the premises of the Prince Albert II Leisure Centre, 1310 Route de Beausoleil, La Turbie – Phone (00 33) 04 93 44 74 40.

The 2020 session will take place on a date determined later.

You can download here, the information sheet (French only):

For additional information, please contact the Department of Education, Youth and Sport on 00 377 98 98 83 04 or IFAC

Other contacts

Institut de Formation, d'Animation et de Conseil (IFAC)

Please contact IFAC Training Department in Marseille, for any information relating to enrolment:

Service formation IFAC PACA
23 rue de la République
13217 MARSEILLE Cedex 02

Phone: (+33) 4 91 36 54 98 and for BAFA / BAFD registrations.

Administrative contact