Multimedia Library of Monaco

Last updated: 23/02/2023

The Multimedia Library is open to all and offers a range of works that meets public demand for reading, information, continuing education, culture and entertainment. The Multimedia Library is also the repository for legal deposit in the Principality of Monaco.

It is located on 4 places:

  • The Bibliothèque Louis Notari (Louis Notary Library) - 8 rue Louis Notari - with the reading area  
  • The Sonothèque - Vidéothèque (Audio Library and Video Library) - 19, boulevard Princesse Charlotte - with the audiovisual area 
  • The Bibliothèque-Ludothèque Princesse Caroline (Princess Caroline Library - Toys and Games Section) - 1, boulevard Albert Ier - dedicated to children
  • The Fonds patrimonial (Heritage Fund) - L'Hélios - 3, promenade Honoré II

More informations on the Multimedia Library's website.

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