Last updated: 27/02/2023


Monapass is the Principality's all-in-one mobility app.

This Extended Monaco certified app is designed for users within the city, commuters and tourists, to help them get around and enjoy their leisure time more easily in the Principality of Monaco.

How it works

Monapass offers access to:

  • Transport and mobility services in the Principality
  • Some leisure and cultural facilities and activities

With Monapass, users can:

  • Purchase tickets and subscriptions:
    • For transport in the Principality: buses, MonaBike electric bikes, street parking
    • For cultural and leisure activities: Oceanographic Museum, Monaco Le Grand Tour, Cinéma des Beaux-Arts
  • Avoid queues. Tickets are available at any time and are purchased entirely online
  • Access, in real time:
    • Local transport information: times of the next buses, availability of MonaBike bikes and charging points, the nearest parking spaces and parking ticket machines
    • Practical information about cultural and leisure venues that have partnered with the app; it is also possible to book tickets for the Cinéma des Beaux-Arts
  • Take advantage of a digital wallet where they can keep all of their tickets and subscriptions, even those purchased outside Monapass or for activities outside the Principality, in one place

The app is available from the Android and Apple stores.

For quick and easy answers to your questions, read the FAQ 

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