Monaco Government Staff Group: Cercle A

Last updated: 04/03/2023

The members of "Cercle A" consist of staff, alternates (with more than 2 years' service) and retirees of the Departments of the Prince's Palace, the State, Assemblies and Commissions, Monaco Town Hall and the the Department of Justice, as well as seconded civil servants.

Principle and conditions

The "Monaco Government Staff Group" was created by the Government to bring Government staff together in a similar way to Staff Councils in the private sector.  It offers a range of services entitled "Cercle A", which, among other perks, enable employees to benefit from special offers in the fields of leisure, culture and travel.

How to register

Each person concerned is given an individual access code enabling him/her to register on the website and download a membership card.


Once registered on the website, you will be able to access the promotional offers that are made available to "Cercle A" by its partners in the Principality, as well as a website offering a wide range of discounts in the leisure, culture and travel sectors.

The "Cercle A" website also offers a "small ads" service.

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