Louis II Stadium

Last updated: 23/02/2023


Louis II Stadium includes:

  • A sporting complex
  • A collection of administrative, university and commercial locations
  • A car park with 1320 parking places spread out over four levels

Louis II Stadium is open almost everyday of the year (excluding 19 November, 1 January and 1 May) and is for the use, above all, of:

  • Pupils from educational establishments
  • Sporting associations who can use the specific training rooms as well as offices
  • Members of the public who, at certain times, may use the facilities in the Water Sports’ Centre, the weight training room, the squash courts and the gymnastics hall

The Louis II Stadium is managed by an administrative body called the “Management of Louis II Stadium” which is associated with the Department of Education, Youth and Sports.

Further information on Louis II Stadium's website

Sports facilities

This mainly refers to three large sports complexes for hosting international-level competitions:

In addition to these facilities, and in order to make sports available to as many people as possible, the Stadium also has fifteen or so rooms suitable for practising a variety of sports.

It is possible to practice the majority of indoor sports, as the Louis II Stadium is equipped with nine training rooms designed for practicing specific sports such as: fencing, table tennis, judo, gymnastics, musculation, squash, martial arts, boxing and weight lifting.

Further information on Louis II Stadium's website

See the timetable and prices for the weights room

The school gymnasium is open to pupils participating in physical education and sports classes. The school gymnasium was designed with this purpose in mind, and three different classes can be held there at the same time.

The staff of the Stadium also manage another building, situated 50 metres away, but on French territory: the Espace Saint Antoine.

Additional facilities and the press

Additional facilities

The additional facilites include, most notably:

  • A VIP lounge which is used for official meetings
  • A Sports Medicine Centre which verifies that the athletes and school pupils using the facilities are in good physical condition and also monitors high-level sports players
  • A training centre designed to host footballers from the ASM FC Development Centre. This training centre provides 25 individual bedrooms, a cafeteria, classrooms and relaxation areas
  • A digital surveillance system, which was completely renovated in 2008, is used to reinforce security throughout the building and especially during football matches. In total, the Stadium has 120 cameras, ten of which are used for the surveillance of the public inside and in the immediate surroundings of the Stadium

The Media

The designers of Louis II Stadium endeavoured to provide optimum working conditions for sports players as well as for co-ordinators and the press. To this end, two press centres were installed.

The larger press centre, with a surface area of 560m², is located close to the football and athletics stadium. Conference rooms, newsrooms, board rooms, telelphones, computers and an Internet connection are all available to photographers and journalists.

The smaller press centre, with a surface area of 350m², was installed between the Omnisports Hall and the Olympic-sized swimming pool. This press centre is used for monitoring events which are taking place in this part of the complex.

Press galleries have been installed in each part of the stadium, each one with specialised equipment.

Finally, space is provided for TV reporting vehicles within the immediate proximity of the switchboard which distributes to the 25 TV points located in the different play areas and changing rooms.

The Louis II Stadium also hosts more unique events which do not involve sport: concerts, conferences, shows. The Stadium is then arranged in accordance with the needs of the co-odinators: set design, arrangement of chairs (up to 15, 000), covering of the playing field etc.

Visiting the stadium

The Management of the Stadium provides guided tours in French, English and Italian from the 1st of April to the 30th of September included and on the occasion of Heritage Day.

Further information on Louis II Stadium's website