General information regarding processing of housing applications

Last updated: 07/03/2023

Information on data protection

In order to fulfil its role, the Housing Department carries out automatic and manual processing of personal data, in compliance with the provisions of the

modified by the Act no. 1.353 of 4 December 2008.

It should therefore be noted that the information required to process applications is mandatory. Where this information is missing, applications cannot be considered.

Once the application is received by the Housing Department, you do not have the right to object to the processing of any personal data included on the documents submitted.

You do, however, have the right to access and correct information relating to you.

Article 14 of the abovementioned act:

Individuals from whom personal data is collected must be informed:

  • Of the entity responsible for processing the data and of his representative, if any, in Monaco
  • Of the purpose of the data processing
  • Whether it is mandatory or optional to provide the information
  • Of the consequences for them if they fail to answer
  • Of the recipients’ identity or categories
  • Of their rights to object and to access and correct their personal data
  • Of their right to refuse the use of the data on behalf of third parties, or the communication of their personal data to third parties for canvassing including commercial purposes

Where personal data is not collected directly from the individual concerned, the entity responsible for processing it or their representative must supply the information outlined in the previous paragraph, except in cases where the individual concerned has already been informed, it proves impossible to inform them, or if the efforts required to do so would be disproportionate to the benefit, or indeed if the collection or communication of the data is expressly provided for under legislation or regulations.

The provisions of this article do not apply to the types of processing referred to in Article 11.


Any false declaration or production of false documents may result in the imposition of sanctions as outlined in article 103 of the Criminal Code:

"A punishment of six months to three years’ imprisonment plus the fine defined in paragraph 2 of article 26, without prejudice, where appropriate, to harsher penalties as provided for in the existing Code or in specific laws, will be applied in the following cases:

1° Where an individual knowingly produces a certificate or statement including facts which are materially inaccurate

2° Where an individual falsifies or modifies in any way a genuine statement or certificate

3° Where an individual knowingly uses or attempts to use an inaccurate or falsified certificate".

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