Connectivity requirements

Last updated: 15/03/2023


Access to the internet is now vital for every household, to enable people to take full advantage of the digital services offered by today’s society.

Use of these digital services is increasing every year, and the Monaco Government asked Monaco Telecom to market ultra high-speed fibre internet access starting in 2021.

The Digital Platforms and Resources Department would like to help you determine which package is best suited to your needs, drawing on examples of the services that are most frequently accessed by internet users.

Determining which is the right internet package for your household

The requirements which an internet package must meet vary depending on the make-up of your household. It is therefore important to identify your needs and determine your priorities before making your choice (number of devices connected at any one time, surfing, online gaming, HD streaming or television services)

To meet these wide-ranging needs, Monaco Telecom now offers several different internet packages.

Below you will find some examples of the services most commonly accessed by internet users to help you determine which package is best suited to your needs.

The Monaco Telecom internet packages are described in terms of megabits per second (Mbps), which equates to the volume of data available per second.

The download speed (from the internet server to the user) or downlink is often considered the main factor affecting the experience of the service used

However, you send data (uplink) when you write a message or post videos online (social media, for example). Sending a text might not require very much, but sending videos (especially those in high definition) soon requires a lot of bandwidth.

It is similar if you are playing games online, as you are constantly sharing information with other players.

The table below will give you an idea of the speeds required depending on your needs:

Examples of useBandwidth
EmailUp & downlink: 0,5 Mbps
Web browsingDownlink: 1 Mbps
Social networksUp & downlink: 4 Mbps
Listening to streaming musicDownlink high definition: 320 kbps
TV and online video platformsDownlink: : Quality 720p: 2,5 Mbps
                     Quality 1080p (HD): 5 Mbps
                     Quality 4k: 20-25 Mbps
VideoconferencingUp & downlink :  – up to 7 people: 8 Mbps
                              - up to 5 people: 4 Mbps
                              - up to 3 people: 2 Mbps
YouTubeDownlink: 15 Mbps
TwitchUp & downlink: 6 Mbps
Online gamingUp & downlink: Minimum 4 Mbps
Ideal 10 Mbps


For some internet uses, there is no ideal bandwidth. In the case of downloading, for example, usability depends on how long you feel it is acceptable to wait for your file.

See below for the theoretical time taken to receive the full file for a software update with a volume of 10GB :

PackageTime to receive
100Mbps13 min 20 sec
1Gbps1 min 20 sec
5Gbps16 sec
10Gbps8 sec


If you use the internet at the same time as others in your household, you will need to add each person’s rate to calculate your total use.

All of this information is, naturally, theoretical and does not necessarily give an accurate picture of your circumstances. However, it will offer you greater visibility when calculating your requirements.

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