FAQ - Unified mobile network (data roaming)

Last updated: 27/05/2024

From 5 March 2024, all French mobile customers will be able to use the Monegasque network throughout the Principality. This roll-out is being driven by the Government of Monaco, in collaboration with French mobile network operators and the national operator Monaco Telecom, to harmonise the quality of the mobile network across the country.

To use the Monaco Telecom network, French mobile customers will need to check that the following settings have been configured when they arrive in the country:

  • Mobile data and data roaming; "data abroad". Mobile internet services such as MMS, WhatsApp and other apps require mobile data to be activated
  • All calls to France require the code +33. The number may need to be saved to contacts in the same format
  • Set to "automatic network selection" or, if no network is displayed, manually select "Monaco Telecom"

For more information about the unified network, please see the FAQ below:

From 5 March, French mobile network operators customers, Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Free and Orange will have access to the Monegasque mobile network when visiting the Principality.

If you're one of these customers, you'll be welcomed on the Monaco Telecom mobile network, using roaming, as is already the case when leaving France.

Those covered:

  • French mobile network operators customers, Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Free and Orange or their other services, B&You, Red by SFR, and Sosh
  • Customers of all virtual operators on these networks, such as Poste Mobile, NRJ Mobile, CIC Mobile

This does not apply to the following customers, who already have access to the Monegasque mobile network while in the Principality:

  • Mobile customers - Monaco Telecom 

This change gives all customers of French mobile network operators coverage on the Monegasque mobile network.

  • Activate data roaming (data abroad)

By default, smartphones are configured with the "data roaming" function deactivated. To be able to use your apps (particularly Whatsapp and Messenger), sending MMS or accessing the Internet, you need to activate the "data roaming" function.

Contact your operator if you have any questions about tariffs.

  • Network selection

By default, smartphones are set to "automatic network selection" mode, so there's no need to do anything. The smartphone will automatically register on the Monaco Telecom network upon arrival in the Principality.

If the "automatic network selection" mode is not activated, the smartphone will display "No service" when its home network is out of range. You will then have to manually select the Monaco Telecom network.

Just like in any foreign country, the international dialling code is required, so you need to dial +33 to make calls to mainland France. Make sure to store your numbers in your contacts list with +33, so that they can be reached whether you are in France or any other country, including Monaco.

To reach a Monegasque number, you no longer need to dial +377 from Monaco. However, you should still store numbers in your contacts using the international dialling code so that you can make calls from wherever you are.

Each French mobile network operator is free to set their own rates, which they are obliged to disclose to their customers. Most of these operators include Monaco within their Europe zone, so often, there are no extra charges.

Most operators do not allow you to make calls from Monaco if your package is exclusively for use in France.

Your package must therefore allow calls from abroad in order to be able to make and receive calls. To use apps or browse the internet, you will need to have data roaming activated abroad.

Please check with your mobile network operator whether your package includes these uses, and for any charges. Certain operators have options that must be activated from your online customer area.

Most short codes, including your operator's, such as customer services, should remain available.

Some 08 special services numbers can be reached by dialling +33 (+33 8). Check with your operator, as these calls may be excluded from your package. If one of these numbers is unavailable, the call receiver should provide a number that can be reached from abroad.

Yes, the emergency numbers are available and redirected to Monegasque services.
Dial 17 for the police and 18 or 112 for the fire brigade.

This depends on your mobile network operator. They may decide to send you an SMS informing you of voicemail/SMS/MMS/internet usage and other applicable rates.

Yes, multimedia content can still be accessed if you have data roaming activated.

Just like when travelling to any other country, your usual services should resume (calls, surfing, etc.)

You can access your voicemail as normal. However, as in any foreign country, you may need a secret code to listen to your messages. Please set up this secret code when in France, or you may be unable to access your voicemail from other countries, including Monaco.

Your mobile operator is your sole point of contact for any questions about using your mobile abroad, including Monaco.

Monaco Telecom cannot answer calls from customers of French mobile network operators.

The Customer Services of the main French mobile network operators can be reached from Monaco on the following numbers: