Renunciation of inheritance or acceptance subject to benefit of inventory

Last updated: 23/02/2023

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An inheritance has both assets (the property) and liabilities (the debts.)  As the heir is obliged to pay the deceased person's debts, accepting an inheritance can sometimes present a risk.  The law therefore offers three options for inheritance:  pure and simple inheritance, acceptance subject to benefit of inventory and renunciation.


It is essential that you make an appointment to see the Chief Registrar.  You must present the death certificate relating to the deceased person, and your own identity card.  If you are unable to travel, the notary responsible for the inheritance can draw up the deed.  He or she, when mandated, will undertake the necessary procedures with the Chief Registrar.

You can also be represented by a proxy (with a copy of your proof of identity).

However, for minors, you should contact the Chief Registrar’s office.

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