Digital identity in Monaco

Last updated: 20/03/2023


Digital identity is a digital service that enables Monegasque nationals and residents to use their ID card or residence permit to access online services and sign digital documents.

You currently need an email address and password to log into the online services provided by the Government and Monaco Town Hall. The State of Monaco is now making available an easy, secure way for you to access these services.

With your ID Document (Monegasque identity card or residence permit) and a PIN, you can identify yourself when using public and private services and sign electronic documents.

How it works

New ID documents mean that all Monegasque nationals and residents who wish to do so can activate their digital identity with the staff member who issues their identity document or by using one of the self-service interactive terminals available at Residents' Section.

Your new ID document contains your digital identity in the form of an electronic certificate. Once activated, it is recognised by organisations which offer online services. This electronic certificate allows you to be identified with certainty, you can also use it to sign documents digitally.


  • Enables positive identification: a digital identity provides confirmation that a user is genuinely who they claim to be online. The information associated with the user, including their surname, first name, date and place of birth, can be verified
  • Saves time for users: a digital identity allows a user to prove their identity online, meaning that they do not need to visit the organisation in person. Procedures such as requesting a certificate, making a sworn statement online or electronically signing documents can all be done from your PC at home
  • Reduces the number of different usernames and passwords required to access the various online services offered by the Government, Monaco Town Hall or private organisations
  • Offers better protection for your personal data and clear management of user consent

More Information 

Full information about Digital identity can be found on the website Mconnect

If you are a Monegasque national and would like to take advantage of digital identity, you should renew your identity card in line with the current renewal procedures. Click here for more information.

If you are a resident and would like to take advantage of digital identity, please check the dedicated webpage by clicking here 

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