Loss of monegasque nationality

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Voluntary renunciation of Monegasque nationality

Cases of renunciation which the law explicitly provides for include:

  • A child who has acquired nationality through the collective effect of the naturalisation process while a minor
  • A child adopted through simple adoption where there consent was not required
  • A child with one parent who has retained their foreign nationality

Renunciation takes place in the year following the child’s eighteenth birthday.

Military service in a foreign army without authorization from the Government of Monaco

Monegasque nationality acquired through naturalisation may be withdrawn by Sovereign Ordinance after consultation with the Crown Council:

  • In the year of final conviction in the case of any individual who is convicted of causing harm to the internal or external security of the State
  • During the five years following the naturalisation in question in the case of any individual, based on a report by the Secretary of Justice and with the assent of the Council of State

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