Monaco Business Office

Last updated: 14/09/2023

Monaco Business Office, also known as the Business Start-up and Development Team is part of the Business Development Agency. The Office is itself organised around three divisions: the Business Start-up Division, the Business Development and Financing Division, and the Trade and Industry Promotion Division.

Monaco Business Office provides personalised support to new entrepreneurs and economic stakeholders already based in the Principality.

Dedicated services for entrepreneurs

The Business Start-up Division examines and supervises applications to create new businesses in the Principality, as well as changes to existing activities. It provides entrepreneurs with key contacts and useful information for setting up their new business.

Special point of contact for traders and industrial companies

The Trade and Industry Promotion Division coordinates measures to support traders, restaurants, and industrial firms operating in the Principality. It is also a special point of contact for businesses looking to start a commercial or industrial activity in the country.

Financial support for business and industry

The Business Development and Financing Division administers financial support measures for Monegasque businesses in a variety of areas, from R&D and innovation to marketing. 

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