Welcoming displaced Ukrainians

Last updated: 05/03/2023


The Government of Monaco has adopted a scheme, granting temporary protection, guaranteeing assistance measures and the opening of rights to eligible persons.

The beneficiaries do not have the status of asylum seeker or refugee as defined by the United Nations Convention of 28 July 1951 on the Status of Refugees.

Eligibility conditions 

To be eligible, you must :

  • Be an Ukrainian national residing in Ukraine prior to the 24th of February 2022
  • Have evidenced family ties or a friendship with a resident of Monaco
  • Hosted in Monaco

If you are not eligible, please refer to the emergency welcome guide prepared by the Alpes-Maritimes Prefecture, by following this link 

Receiving a temporary residence permit 

To benefit from your temporary residence permit you must be eligible and register with the Department of Public Safety by using the following email address: dsp-ukraine@gouv.mc

Support deployed by the Principality of Monaco 

You can find all information you need about the support likely to be deployed by the Principality of Monaco, in the guide downloadable here:

Please note that this guide includes an Ukrainian language version.

Needing immediate emergency subsidies 

Monaco’s Red Cross is in a position to offer immediate emergency help to people who come to their facilities: Croix-Rouge monégasque 27, Bd. de Suisse à Monaco (Opening from Monday to Friday 9am-Noon/2pm-6pm).

This emergency support will not necessarily trigger the implementation of the above subsidies.

Administrative contact