Household fires

Last updated: 05/03/2023

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What to do in the event of a fire

A fire at your home

If a fire occurs at your place of residence, you should:

  • Leave your apartment, taking care to shut the door behind you
  • Keep calm, and once you are safe, call the fire and emergency service (dial 18 or 112)

A fire outside your home

If a fire occurs outside your place of residence, you should:

  • Remain in your home
  • Block up gaps around your door and dampen it (a 30mm thick door made of solid wood can withstand a fire for 30 minutes)
  • Avoid evacuating through smoke, which is very toxic
  • Keep the door of your apartment closed, and do not jump out of the window
  • Signal your presence from a window or by telephone so that you can be found

Preventing household fires

The following should not be used in your electrical system:

  • Multiple sockets for powering high-power electrical devices
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Halogen lamps without grates (500 to 150 W)
  • Paper lampshades

For heating systems, you should:

  • Have the chimney and flues swept once a year (the best way is to have a mechanical sweeping carried out by qualified professionals)
  • Never use your cooker, barbecue or brazier for emergency heating
  • Never store combustible materials (cardboard, paper) or inflammable products (alcohol, petrol, gas) close to heat sources (heating system)

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