Storm risk

Last updated: 05/03/2023

What to do in case of a storm

So that a storm does not take you by surprise, you should regularly consult the Weather warning map. You should also remain aware of announcements made in the media.

Before the storm

While the storm is approaching, you should:

  • Bring any objects which are likely to be blown away inside
  • Close any doors, windows and shutters
  • Move away from the coast

During the storm

During the storm, you should:

  • Stay inside your home or quickly seek sturdy shelter in a safe place
  • Managers of construction sites should put any cranes in weathervane mode and assemble their personnel inside
  • Listen to the media (radio, television and internet)
  • Do not call the emergency services unnecessarily

After the storm

Once the storm has passed, you should:

  • Cut off branches which look like they may fall
  • Do not approach electrical lines which have fallen to the ground

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