Burglary of your apartment - What you should do

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Inform the Police

Once you have ascertained what has happened, you should inform the Police by dialling 17.

Do not touch anything while waiting for the Police and the Forensic Services to arrive. You could eradicate evidence that is essential for the investigation.

Provide all the relevant information

An officer from the Forensic Services will be in charge of your case. This officer will be your contact person throughout the investigation.

You should give him or her as much information as you can. For example, if you were out during the burglary, try to give details of how long you were absent.

Identifying what has been stolen

Try to establish precisely what has been taken.

To make the research easier, try to list the stolen items, giving details of:

  • Serial numbers
  • Receipts
  • Photos

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