Last updated: 29/04/2024

Fines - What you should do

You should pay the fine quickly to avoid prosecution by the Police Court. Payment can be made:

  • Directly to the officer who imposed the fine
  • In person at the Secretariat of the Public Prosecutor’s Representative to the Police Court (Secrétariat de l’Officier du Ministère Public - Simple police), 9, Rue Suffren Reymond (open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm)
  • By post, at the same address, either by cheque or a postal order made payable to "Sûreté Publique - Simple Police". The amount payable is indicated on the notice of the fine.
  • By bank transfer, after obtaining the department's bank details by email

If the fine notice is illegible, you can request further information by email.  

How to appeal against the fine

If you wish to appeal against the fine, you should write to the Public Prosecutor's office, which will consider your request. Appeals must be made within eight days.

You should attach any supporting documents to your requests (for example a photo) or a statement setting out the alleged facts.

The Secretariat of the Public Prosecutor’s Representative will write to inform you of the results of the enquiry. Response times can vary.

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