Moi(s) sans tabac stop smoking campaign

Last updated: 23/02/2023

What is Moi(s) sans tabac?

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, in addition to being responsible for a huge number of serious conditions. Smokers know about these risks, and the majority of them (60%) would like to stop. 

#MoisSansTabac (Tobacco-Free Month) is a collective challenge to all smokers to stop for a month with the support of those around them.

Why provide support for a month?

After stopping for 28 consecutive days, the chances of giving up smoking for good increase five-fold.

How the Moi(s) sans tabac campaign will work?

From 10 October, potential participants will be encouraged to sign up to quit smoking by registering via:

On 1 November, participants begin their attempt to stop smoking, and will receive day-to-day support. 

What tools are available?

  • The Tabac Info Service website will publish information to help smokers prepare before 1 November and increase their chances of success
  • Support from stop smoking specialist will be available by telephoning 39.89
  • A Tabac Info Service app will offer personalised coaching from stop smoking specialists
  • A stop smoking help kit can be collected for free from the campaign’s partner chemists, and includes:
    • Je me prépare (I’m Preparing) book
    • 30 jours pour arrêter de fumer (30 Days to Stop Smoking) calendar
    • Le stress ne passera pas par moi (No More Stress) card
    • Je retrouve la forme pas les formes (I’m Getting Fit Not Fat) sticker
    • Je calcule mes économies (Calculating My Savings) wheel
    • Moi(s) sans tabac badge

Princess Grace Hospital’s specialist stop smoking consultation service can be reached by telephoning 97 98 97 41.

The Principality of Monaco’s health professionals, who are partnering with the campaign, will be available to those participating in Moi(s) sans tabac, and will provide the support they need.

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