Plati Centre, the Medical Psychology Service for children and adolescents

Last updated: 22/05/2023


The PLATI Centre, the Medical Psychology Service for children and adolescents, which is under the authority of the Department of Health Affairs (DASA), is aimed at children attending schools in the Principality of Monaco who present with psychological difficulties and/or complex learning difficulties, and their families.

The PLATI Centre is comprised of three units:

  • The Medico-Social Centre (CMP)
  • The Day Therapies Activity Centre (CATTP)
  • The Learning Difficulties Diagnosis Centre (CDTA)

The staff of these centres is comprised of various professionals:

  • A child psychiatrist, a specialist in the development and psychological functioning of the child, who determines the therapeutic approach and directs and coordinates treatment
  • A psychologist and psychotherapist, who implements preventive and/or curative action, in conjunction with the child psychiatrist, via interviews and sometimes using evaluation tools
  • A psychologist specialising in neuropsychology, who evaluates cognitive function (learning, attention, memory) using standardised tests and implements specific treatment
  • A psycho-motor specialist, who is an expert in psycho-motor problems and will enable the child to better understand his or her body, other people and his or her environment through bodily movements (expressive activities, relaxation, sensory stimulation, etc.)
  • A speech therapist, who specialises in speech disorders that present orally (affecting the voice, articulation or speech) and in writing. The speech therapist carries out an assessment review and implements rehabilitation work in one or more weekly sessions
  • A social worker, whose role is to inform the family of the formalities to be undertaken to obtain services and benefits of all types.  She works in association with all the partners involved with the child
  • A specialist teacher, who supports children or adolescents with disabilities and /or behavioural difficulties and helps develop his or her autonomy and socialisation abilities
  • An art therapist, for children and adolescents who have difficulties with expressing themselves, who encourages their creative ability
  • A medical secretary, who responds to queries by telephone or in situ.  She notes the initial information, welcomes families and provides information on how the service operates.  Like the other members of the team, she is bound by medical secrecy


The Medico-Social Centre (CMP)

Contact details:
9 bis, rue PLATI, access via the Rue Joseph Bressan (the former PLATI nursery school)
Phone: 98 98 46 64
Monday – Thursday: 09 am – 06.30 pm
 Friday: 9 am – 04.30 pm

The CMP receives children and their families, and arranges the individualised care of the children, as well as providing support to the family.

It is installed in spacious premises with consulting rooms, activity rooms and a meeting room.

The staff of the CMP is as follows:

  • Child Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist and Psychotherapist
  • Psycho-motor specialist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Medical Secretary


The Day Therapies Activity Centre (CATTP) and the Learning Difficulties Diagnosis Centre (CDTA)

Contact details:
7, rue PLATI
Phone: 98 98 43 60
Monday - Friday: 08.30 am – 05 pm

The CATTP monitors the progress of children and adolescents in a group supported by two therapists and provides support to families.

The CDTA receives children and adolescents with learning difficulties that have been diagnosed and referred by the medical inspector of the School Medical Inspections service. The CDTA prepares assessments coordinated by the child psychiatrist in association with the medical inspector of the School Medical Inspections service and the educational monitoring team. He makes suggestions relating to the school timetable and, if necessary, carries out an individual or group monitoring project.

The CATTP and CDTA are located at 7 Rue Plati. They have offices, activity rooms, a psycho-motor room and a sensory stimulation room (based on the Snoezelen approach).

These facilities offer a range of stimulating activities that are beneficial for concentration, sensory development, relationships with others and communication.

The staff of the CATTP and the CDTA is as follows:

  • Child Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychologist specialising in neuropsychology
  • Psycho-motor specialist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Specialist Teacher 
  • Art Therapist
  • Medical Secretary

The care provided for children by these two centres is complementary. Guidance is provided to children jointly by the child psychiatrists, depending on what is in the child's interest.

Department of Health Affairs (DASA)
Le Puccini
48 boulevard d'Italie
MC 98000 Monaco
(+377) 98 98 84 20
08.30 am – 05.30 pm from Monday to Friday

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