The Monaco Gerontology Coordination Centre

Last updated: 23/02/2023

The Monaco Gerontology Coordination Centre offers a range of services for senior citizens.

Helping you enjoy later life to the full

The multi-disciplinary team at the Monaco Gerontology Coordination Centre is devoted exclusively to gerontology in the Principality of Monaco.

 Its mission is to undertake practical activities such as: 

  • Offering personalised information
  • Compiling a directory of services and service providers
  • Leading support groups
  • Providing personalised care plans
  • Coordinating a health network
  • Providing training
  • Carrying out promotional campaigns on major public health issues

If you are over 60 and live in the Principality:

You are directly concerned if:

  • You need help or advice
  • You are interested in finding out about home help
  • You need information about accommodation facilities in the Principality


The MGCC, in coordination with your GP, can offer you:

  •  Personalised help with your projects
  •  Health-related information (such as nutrition, memory, preventative care, etc.)

If you are a relative

You are directly concerned if: 

  • You wish to improve your relative's quality of life  
  • You think help or special equipment is needed and you would like to know what steps to take
  • Your relative's state of health has changed and you need support
  • You wish to make preparations for your relative to enter a care home

The MGCC acknowledges your contribution; it offers advice and a listening ear.  It can point you in the right direction and assist you with steps to be taken.

If you are a health professional or work in the social sector 

The MGCC can offer you:

  • An Information Centre for professionals
  • Its expertise in geriatric assessment
  • Resources for interdisciplinary discussions to identify risks and design individualised support plans
  • Coordination between the various service providers to make procedures more efficient
  • Preventative care campaigns

Your activities lie at the heart of a complex system.  Coordinating professional services to meet the needs of the individual is a key public health issue.  

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