Medical and family benefits for students who have reached the age of 21

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Until they are 21, students are classed as dependents

Those who are insured through the State Medical Benefits Office and classed as head of household are entitled to the following benefits for their dependent children in education:

  • Family dependency allowances 
  • Health insurance coverage


From their 21st birthday onwards, students are no longer classed as dependents 


  • The entitlement to family dependency allowances for such students ends
  • Students are no longer entitled to health insurance coverage as dependents 


In accordance with French Act no. 2018-166 of 8 March 2018 on student guidance and achievement, students must, no later than the month preceding their 21st birthday, For further assistance, please see the procedure: How to apply for medical benefits as a student

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