How to get about on foot in the Principality

Last updated: 28/02/2023

Monaco Malin

Monaco Malin is a brochure which shows you how easy it is to get about on foot in the Principality. Thanks to its public moving walkways, the whole Principality can be travelled on foot without a great deal of effort, in less than an hour.

The Principality has 79 lifts, 35 escalators and 8 travelators.

The leaflet shows the lifts, escalators/travelators and pedestrian walkways, as well as the electric bike stations and public transport services available in the Principality by district.

Tourist attractions, hospitals and other health facilities are also included to help you find your way around.

To get this brochure, you can either:

  • Download it here 

  • Collect it from the Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility

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