Monegasque visitors to the United Kingdom

Last updated: 02/03/2023

Tourist stay of more of up to 6 months

Monegasque nationals are not required to obtain a visa if their stay in the United Kingdom is for a duration of up to six months and if they have no intention to work.

Only a valid Monegasque passport is recognised as an official document by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Monegasques are considered as non-EU citizens and cannot enter the country freely.

Stay of more than 6 months 

For stays exceeding six month or if you intend to work in the United-Kingdom, a visa is required. The project must be prepared before departure and in strict compliance with the immigration rules of the country.

Monegasque nationals must visit the official web site of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in France to initiate the procedure relating to their stay. These administrative procedures may require the compilation of files, which must be carefully completed and checked before they are sent to the competent Authorities

You will find all the necessary information according to the planned project on  .

For more information consult Monaco Embassy to United Kingdom website. 

Young Monegasque citizens in United Kingdom

Young Monegasques between the ages of 18-30 wishing to complete an internship or to work in the UK can apply for the TIER-5 "Youth Mobility Scheme- YMS" visa.

For more information consult the page « Youth Mobility Scheme »

Find out all the information about this visa on the site

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