Automated processing of personal data by the Registration and Stamps Office

Last updated: 23/02/2023


As part of its activities, the Registration and Stamps Office of the Department of Tax Services collects personal information relating to users and any person covered by the texts governing its tasks. 

In accordance with the Act no. 1.165 of 23 December 1993 on personal data protectionamended, automated processing by the Department of Urban Amenities relating to the use of personal data was submitted to the Data Protection Authority of Monaco (CCIN) and favourable opinion or authorisation were received.

Right of access, modifications and updates

Any person who so wishes may obtain:

  • Confirmation as to whether or not information relating to them is being processed by the Department of Tax Services
  • Communication of this information in a written, non-coded form, in accordance with the content of the records
  • Updating or rectification of the information concerning him/her when it has proved to be inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or out of date, or even its deletion when its recording, communication or storage is prohibited

These rights may be exercised by sending a letter to the Director of the Department of Tax Services or by email to

The persons concerned by processing operations carried out by a legal person governed by public law in the context of its tasks of general interest, such as the Department of Tax Services, do not have the right to object to the processing of their information.

List of processing operations 

The deliberations of the CCIN have been published in the Journal de Monaco since 1 April 2009.  For processing operations carried out before this date, the opinions of the CCIN are not published).

Processing operation: Lease management
Implemented on 27 April 2001, amended on 20 February 2015

Deliberation no.2015-20 of 28 January 2015

Recipient of information: President of the Court of First Instance (via a disclosure order), any authority as part of their legal or statutory remit, the Housing Department for information relating to the old and protected buildings sector, an individual who is party to the lease or their successor

Processing operation: File relating to the transfer duty on death
Implemented on 22 December 2003
Recipient of information: The heirs

Processing operation: Management of professional representatives and legal entities under Act No. 1.381
Implemented on 25 June 2012
Deliberation no.2012-99 of 25 June 2012 and Deliberation no.2021-170 of 21 July 2021
Recipient of information: the Digital Services Department to enable it to post the list of representatives on the Prince’s Government website

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