Raising awareness of the risks of terrorist financing

Last updated: 31/01/2024


Non-profit organisations (NPOs) play an important role in Monaco, given their involvement in civil society, the provision of humanitarian aid, development and social aid, awareness-raising activities and other activities of public interest.

Certain not-for-profit organisations may be exposed to terrorist financing risks. With or without knowledge, deliberate cooperation or fault of the representatives, employees and associates of the NPOs concerned

The misappropriation of these organisations can take various forms:

  • Exploitation of funds or assets
  • Misuse of the name and status of an NPO
  • Creation of an NPO for illegal purposes

What is terrorist financing?

  • Providing funds to commit terrorist activities
  • Supporting and maintaining a terrorist person or group
  • Providing food, accommodation or training
  • Providing transport or communications equipment
  • Financing through cash, bank transfers or in-kind contributions 
  • Providing funds from both legal and illegal sources
  • Objective: to conceal both the acts of financing and the nature of the activities financed

Types of NPO misappropriation

  • Financing
  • Use of resources
  • Misuse of the name and status of an existing NPO
  • Creating fake NPOs

The documents available at the bottom of the page illustrate specific cases of misappropriation.

Contact details and information 

For all enquiries regarding NPOs and terrorist financing risks, please contact the Ministry of Interior on the number given at the bottom of the page. 

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