The Office of Occupational Medicine

Last updated: 23/02/2023


The Office of Occupational Medicine (Office de la Médecine du Travail - OMT) is a dedicated advisory service for employers and employees in health and safety and hygiene matters. It is a public service, founded in 1958. Its mission is to oversee the health of employees throughout their career in the Principality.

To fulfil its mission, the OMT has a multidisciplinary team of doctors, who are responsible for monitoring the health of employees, and the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit (IPRP), which complements the OMT's medical activities with personalised activities in the work environment, in association with employers.

The OMT also plays a public health role, with health screening, vaccinations and the fight against smoking, alcoholism and contagious diseases.

Specific COVID-19 provisions

For more information about COVID-19 health provisions at work, please check the dedicated website:

  • COVID-19 support for employees and employers
  • Support for businesses, depending on requirements:
    • Teleworking
    • Working with display screen equipment
    • Stretching- Working with display screen equipment
    • Warming up at work
    • Noise affects everyone
    • Night working
    • Travel abroad

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