Last updated: 24/02/2023


An internship is a period of practical training forming part of studies. It enables theoretical knowledge to be put into practice whilst acquiring real professional experience.

Many training courses now include internships in their programs. Choosing the right training course is essential for students - especially since if the internship is carried out at the end of studies, it can lead to a first job.

Status of the trainee

Mandatory internships

Mandatory internship concerns students enrolled with a school, university or institution approved by the National Education system, who have to work in a firm for specific periods defined by their institution. All kinds of training are involved.

In this case, trainees maintain their status as pupils or students throughout the duration of the internship under the following conditions:

  • Trainees must remain under the supervision of their teaching institution
  • An internship agreement must be signed between the teaching institution, the company and the trainee or their legal representative
  • The firm must not make any direct profit from the trainee's presence and must offer them work experience forming part of the training programme defined by the teaching institution
  • The trainee is not eligible for any remuneration

Non mandatory internship / placements not meeting the conditions for mandatory internship

In this case, trainees are considered to be salaried workers.

The host company is subject to the regulations for recruiting salaried workers:

  • Obtaining an authorisation to hire staff and a work permit
  • Compliance with the legal or collective bargaining provisions relating to salaried workers
  • Registering the trainee with the social security organisations
  • Paying contributions
  • Taking out "work-related accident and occupational illness" insurance


Mandatory internship

No remuneration is required. However, a small bonus or premium may be paid by the employer if it remains within the limitations established by the Monegasque social security organisations.

Non mandatory internship

The firm is subject to compliance with the legal or collective bargaining provisions relating to salaried workers.

Assistance of the Employment Service

If you live in Monaco or the surrounding area, you can contact the Youth Employment Unit (Cellule Emploi-Jeunes) who will help you find an internship.

They will put you in touch with companies who may be interested in you as a candidate and will assist you in your dealings with these companies.

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