Beach Safety Advice

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Signage on Larvotto beach

signalisation baignade

Supervised swimming
No particular danger

It is dangerous to swim
Medium risk: waves and/or moderate currents

Swimming forbidden
High risk: high waves and/or strong currents

In the sun

Protect yourself to avoid sunstroke and sunburn. For children, a hat, tee-shirt, sunglasses and high-protection sun cream are essential. For all the family, don't forget a parasol, and sun cream, which should be applied every two hours for effective protection.

Remember to drink and cool off regularly.


Never let a child swim without adult supervision.

Inflatable toys and rubber rings are not boats. They can drift quickly even in shallow water and carry you away from the shore.


Beware of jellyfish! Larvotto Beach is equipped with an anti-jellyfish net (from June to the end of September), but if in doubt don't hesitate to request information from the first aid post. If you are stung, keep calm so you don't panic and run the risk of drowning.

Children should never play with jellyfish that have been washed up on the beach, because even when they are dead, jellyfish can still cause skin irritation.

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