Public swimming areas in Monaco

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Public swimming areas

The Plage des Pêcheurs (1)

The Plage des Pêcheurs ("Fishermen's' Beach") is a natural beach, situated at the foot of the Rock. It is accessible by steps from the Chemin des Pêcheurs. This lovely little creek is not at all crowded.

Swimming is unsupervised, and the water becomes deep quickly, from the edge of the beach onwards. The area where swimmers can find a foothold is therefore reduced.

Also, there are rocks nearby, so swimming is not advised when the sea is rough.

The Solarium on the New Sea Wall (2)

The Solarium beach is an artificially created swimming area situated below Fort Antoine, along the sea wall of the outer harbour.

The beach is unsupervised and for safety reasons swimming is forbidden when the sea is rough.

Diving from the sea wall is prohibited outside the swimming area.

Note that the water is deep in this area, and there is nowhere for swimmers to find a foothold. It should therefore only be used by strong swimmers.

The Larvotto Nature Reserve (3)

This swimming area is supervised during the bathing season and has the special characteristic of being situated in a marine nature reserve. Nautical activities are therefore controlled to respect the underwater fauna and flora that inhabit this area.

Flippers, a mask and snorkel are recommended so you can discover the diversity of these waters. To help conserve this fragile ecosystem, do not feed the birds or the fish.

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