Omnisports hall or “Gaston Medecin” hall

Last updated: 23/02/2023

The hall

Located at +1.00 above sea level, underneath the Stadium’s south stands, the Gaston Medecin Hall is mostly used for ball games. For this reason, a massive oak floor was installed over the play area (44 by 24 metres) and the lines and markings for basketball, volleyball and handball have been made on this floor.

This hall also hosts all indoor sports’ competitions: judo, fencing, weight lifting, gymnastics, tennis and many others.

The terraces

The number of seats available can vary in accordance with the play surface that is required for the sport which is being played or the events which are taking place. Consequently, it is possible to increase or decrease the number of spectators one event or competition can receive.

1700 seats on fixed terraces and 800 seats on mobile terraces allow for 2500 spectators to attend competitions which need to use the entire play area.

This also means that during boxing championships, seats can be added on the ground so that 3500 spectators can attend the championship.

The hall is equipped with two scoreboards and electronic timekeeping boards.

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