Prince Albert II Water Sports’ Centre

Last updated: 23/02/2023


The water sports’ centre has three pools:

  • The Olympic-sized pool
  • The teaching pool
  • The diving pool

These pools are filled with chlorinated fresh water which is kept at a temperature of 28°C. International competitions are held in the Olympic-sized pool, which is 50 m long, 21 m wide and has a depth 0f 1.8 m. A mobile rail, when it is raised, is used to divide the pool into two, so that two competitions can be held over 25 m. Swimming, synchronised swimming and water-polo competitions can be filmed from the level of the water using cameras which are located behind portholes which were installed for this very reason. The teaching pool provides a space for people to learn to swim, and may also be used by elderly people and pregnant women. The diving pool has boards at a height of 1, 3 and 5 m, allowing sports players to begin to practice diving. The diving board is also equipped with a bubble machine which creates a “cushion of air”, rendering the impact of the water on the diver more gentle.

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Opening hours and Prices

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