Regulations applying to the rent-controlled housing of private tenure

Last updated: 28/11/2023

Legal texts in force: some key reading

An informal document drawn up by the Housing Department, taking into account the decisions giving by the Supreme Tribunal on 16th January 2006, on 16th April 2012 and on 12th July 2022, intended to facilitate users' understanding of the legislative texts in force.

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Retail Price Index

In conformity with Articles 19 and 20 of modified Law No. 1.235 of 28th December 2000, relating to rental conditions for certain premises for residential use built or completed before 1st September 1947.

Rate given as an indication (value as at 01/11/2023): + 5,26%

(Retail Price Index, all households - all excluding tobacco -)

NB: starting in 2016, the base values used to calculate all indices changed. Refer to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) website.

A reminder of previous indexes: 


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