Regularising a vehicle whose registration has expired

Last updated: 02/03/2023


All vehicle registrations are limited and expire on the date that the statutory technical inspection is due. This date is noted on the registration certificate and, where appropriate, on the most recent technical inspection or follow-up technical inspection report. If the technical inspection is successfully passed by the due date, the vehicle’s registration period will be extended.

From 4 January 2023, in the event that a technical inspection is not passed by the due date, or if the vehicle still has faults following a second follow-up inspection, the vehicle may no longer be driven on public roads.

To regularise the vehicle, a new appointment will need to be made and the corresponding fee paid in addition to the technical inspection fee. The owner will then be permitted to drive the vehicle on the public roads solely for the purpose of travelling from their home or the repair site to the Vehicle Testing Centre on the date given on the relevant notification.

To be able to drive a vehicle whose registration has expired again, you will need to regularise it.

There is a fee associated with this service - Please see  

 Codes FR - V4 ou V5

The procedures for booking appointments and presenting vehicles for technical inspection are described on the page "How to take your vehicle for a technical inspection".


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