Travel responsibly

Last updated: 05/03/2023

Good practice

Some advice for eco-friendly travel.

  • I avoid printing out travel documents by saving them on my laptop or tablet. If I need to, I pick up some information from the tourist information office or the hotel.
  • While packing, I keep in mind that more weight equals a bigger carbon footprint. Put simply, I travel light.
  • I offset my emissions through Monaco Carbon Offsetting:
  • Once I’ve reached my destination, I get around on foot or using public transport. I opt for soft mobility and intermodal transport wherever possible.
  • I choose a certified hotel and I limit consumption by only having my sheets and towels changed when necessary.
  • I opt for organic and local food wherever these options are available.
  • When I’m at the beach or in the sea, I make sure I don’t leave any rubbish and I use non-chemical and biodegradable sunscreen products. See:  Let's be Eco-Responsible at the Beach!
  • Even on holiday, I still sort waste wherever I can.

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