The Primary and Secondary Education System in Monaco

Last updated: 30/10/2023

Education that is open to all and internationally renowned

Schooling is obligatory for children from 6 to 16 years of age – children can attend nursery school from the age of three.

All the State schools and private schools under contract are approved as French educational establishments abroad. The timetables, teaching programmes and examinations taken are in conformity with those set out by the French national educational authority. For examinations, the Principality's educational establishments are under the aegis of the Nice regional education authority.

Lessons are taught in French. Some schools have a French as a Foreign Language section, which can help non-French-speaking pupils to integrate.

The school year is divided into 36 weeks from September to July, separated by four holidays periods (All Saint's Day, Christmas, Winter half-term and Spring half-term holidays). The school calendar can be consulted on this page

A wide range of training opportunities

To meet the obligatory educational requirements, there are various types of schools in the Principality :

  • State education is free. There are seven State-run nursery and primary schools, a collège (secondary school for children aged 11-15), a general and technological lycée (for pupils aged 15 to 18) and a vocational lycée
  • Private education under contract (subsidised by the Monegasque State and separate from State schools) has to fulfil the same requirements with regard to timetables, teaching programmes, examinations taken and teacher recruitment. It consists of a primary school and a secondary establishment consisting of a collège and lycée
  • Private education that is not under contract is represented by the International School of Monaco. The teaching programmes and staff recruitment are entirely independent. This establishment offers bilingual teaching (in French and English)

You can see the complete list of educational establishments and their contact details on this page.

High quality teaching 

The high quality teaching stands out for various reasons, such as:

  • Small classes
  • Sports education is taught by specialist teachers from primary classes, children are able to learn to swim from the age of five
  • An emphasis on language teaching from an early age: english is taught from the age of three
  • Numerous options are available to pupils throughout their schooling to suit individual needs and aptitudes and there are various international classes

Specific aspects of Monegasque education

Some aspects of education are still specific to Monaco:

  • English is taught from the age of three
  • Religious instruction, which is included in the number of subjects taught, subject to parental approval
  • The history of Monaco
  • The Monegasque language is compulsory from CE2 (Year 4) to 3ème (Year 10) and optional from 2nde (Year 11) to Terminale (Year 13)


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