Help in your search for work

Last updated: 29/06/2023


While you are looking for work, you can benefit from help on an ongoing basis. Each month, from the time you register with the Employment Office, you will be invited to meet with your Counsellor. At these meetings you can give an update on your situation and make your wishes known with regard to employment or training.

Help Offered

Your Counsellor will be able to help you in your search for work in the following areas, depending on your profile, by:

  • Sending you vacancy notices
  • Giving advice on writing your CV and selecting businesses to target
  • Evaluating your skills in terms of employers' needs: preparing a personalised skills review; testing your level in foreign languages
  • Offering you training that meets your needs: individual training; job search techniques; training for a particular type of work
  • Taking proactive steps: the staff of the Employment Office regularly visit companies to better understand the activities of Monegasque businesses and the type of work they can offer, develop close contacts with recruiters, have an overview of employment possibilities, familiarise themselves with employers' needs in terms of training and inform recruiters of measures taken by the Employment Office to help with recruitment subsidies


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