Vocational Integration Unit for Monegasque Nationals and Priority Applicants

Last updated: 26/04/2024


This unit offers personalised support for finding employment and manages the application for and follow-up of unemployment benefit claims.

Through individual interviews by appointment (monthly or fortnightly as required) this unit offers regular support in finding employment with the aim of breaking down as far as possible the barriers to employment. As well as simply giving a daily analysis of job offers that match your profile, the unit offers various forms of personalised support in order to meet your needs.

Who can benefit?

All jobseekers of Monegasque nationality, their spouses and or borned and who have always resided in Monaco, who are over the age of 26, can benefit from the services of this unit.

Note that Monegasque nationals can register with the Vocational Integration Unit for Monegasque Nationals and Priority Applicants, including in cases where they are looking for a new job or seeking to change career.

Following redundancy

If you have been made redundant you should contact the unit as soon as possible in order to make an appointment that will allow you to submit your claim for unemployment benefit and to make arrangements regarding your search for employment

How to register

You simply need to contact the unit by telephone or go in person to the Employment Office in order to make an appointment - reception open every day by appointment.

Administrative contact