Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility


The Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility deals with:

  • Proposing and implementing urban development policy in the Principality
  • Drafting and updating all urban planning documents, monitoring their implementation – in particular by examining construction projects and by granting planning permission
  • Scheduling State urban planning projects, contributing to drawing up mid- and long-term public investment programmes, and ensuring that environmental issues are addressed in such projects and programmes
  • Preparing mobility strategies and plans, giving impetus to and coordinating sustainable movement policies, and setting up a movement observatory
  • Collecting and managing all topographical and land registry data in the Principality
  • Monitoring implementation of agreements and specifications relating to the urban transport concession in the Principality
  • Preparing agreements and specifications for new public service concessions for this public service, and amending existing specifications
  • Proposing equipment renewal and investment programmes relating to the operation of this public service

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