Department of Social Welfare and Social Services


The Department of Social Welfare and Social Services is responsible for all issues relating to social welfare and services, including:

  • Acting as an initial point of contact, informing and providing guidance to citizens on the social welfare and social services policies in place in the Principality 
  • Organising emergency accommodation or housing for families or family members and, more broadly, anyone who needs it 
  • Supporting the implementation of decisions issued by the Principality’s courts, particularly with respect to child protection 
  • Processing applications for social and disability benefits and services provided by the State or on its behalf, including carrying out, where required, the checks and enquiries necessary to assess the situation of applicants 
  • Implementing all policies relating to disability 
  • Carrying out the checks and enquiries required either prior to the issue of approvals and authorisations, or at the request of competent administrative or judicial authorities 
  • Receiving and monitoring the decisions of the Social Protection Unit’s administrative committee 
  • Processing applications for State medical assistance 
  • Contributing to the development of draft legislation and regulations on social welfare, social services, social protection, disability and child protection 
  • Enforcing legislation and regulations and ensuring compliance with international conventions in the areas cited above


The Department of Social Welfare and Social Services incorporates the following four offices:

  • Social Inclusion and Disability Office
  • Children and Families Office
  • Princess Charlene Children's Home
  • Financial Social Support Office

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